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Kuli Gap – Papua New Guinea


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Country:              Papua New Guinea

Region:                 Western Highland Province

Producer:            Paul Pora

Arabica Variety:  Typica, Arusha

Altitude:              1600-1900 masl

Process:                Natural

Tasting notes:      dark chocolate – black cherry – medlar

Suggested for:      Espresso & Filter

250 gr


Papua New Guinea sits on the “Ring of Fire,” a basin in the Pacific Ocean where scraping tectonic plates trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Centuries ago, volcanic activity transformed the Jiwaka Province’s Wahgi Valley, the floor of which sits at 1,500 meters above sea level, from swampland into fertile farmland.

While they grew roughly 10 miles apart, and both capture the sweetness, bright aroma and strong acidity the region is known for, their stories are the passion projects of two very different men — both of whom it’s our real pleasure to work with.

Many cooperatives had a truck and would drive around buying coffee cherry from farmers, a common practice in PNG. In 1975, PNG achieved independence from Australia, and a few years later the new government began changing laws, to prevent foreigners from owning land. This left many plantations abandoned, including Paul’s one, formerly one of the elite plantations in the Western Highland Province.

Nowadays Paul Pora’s estate back to life, re-placing trees on approximately 120 of its 200 hectares and “he’s done a lot of work through engaging local groups, says Jon Edwards, general manager at Papua New Guinea Coffee Exports (PNGCE). “It’s not to its former glory, but he’s on the way there. He’s done a lot of replanting, and he’s done it with the help of the people.” Who are also proud of the turnaround.

“They get a lot of benefits from it, certainly, because they are able to live on the land and they get paid for what they do,” Edwards explains. “But yes, they’re a part of the success and they feel good about that.”