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Agahore – Burundi


Tasting notes:
cranberry – candy – violet

Suggested for Filter


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Bugendana, Gitega

Gaterama, Agahore Coffee

Arabica variety
Bourbon Mbrizi

1600 – 1850 masl

fully washed

Tasting notes
cranberry – candy – violet

Suggested for

Brewing Method :  V60
Temperature : 96 °C
Total extraction time : 2:10 – 2:20
Ratio: 60 g/l

With a mountainous land and a tropical climate, Burundi offers good condition to cultivate coffee trees.  The current structure of the Burundian coffee industry results from a tumultuous century: farmers own small lands, less than a hectare, and produce coffee amongst other crops and livestock. Coffee is for quick and secure access to cash.

Then, some washing stations led the move to Specialty coffee, investing in their processing infrastructure, improving the quality of the cherries they buy, and keeping their lots separate, to improve traceability.

In 2016 the Agahore Coffee cooperative decided to build a washing station. Agahore means “the best coffee” in Kirundi, the local language: their aim is to produce the best speciality coffee of Burundi.

The community aspect is the most important one of the project: from the beginning, Agahore Coffee made sure to involve the community in its project: they used local building material, employed local workforce and respected the environment…Sharing the ownership of this project with the local population is still nowadays the key to its success;

The first harvest was surprising: while the cooperative was first focussing on washed coffees, the lack of spring water “forced” them to produce honey and naturals. But the quality of the final product was quite high, the harvest was such a success.

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