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Arboleda – Colombia

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Country:                Colombia

Region:                  Urrao, Antioquia

Producer:              Jorge Antonio Arboleda

Arabica Variety:   Caturra

Altitude:                2000 masl

Process:                 Honey process

Tasting notes:       Dark chocolate – blood orange – green apple

Suggested for:      Espresso



Finca Los Pinos has been owned since 2008 by Mr Jorge Antonio Arboleda. It sits in the village of San Carlos within the municipality of Urrao Antioquia.

The Arabica variety grown here is called Caturra Chriroso. This name hails from the tree’s crispy looking leaves as a result of the shade cast by the numerous banana, plantain & fruit trees scattered across the farm.

This lot was entered into the National competition: “Colombia land of diversity”, which pits over 1,100 individual lots against each other – hailing from the 12 different coffee states.

Its complexity takes you through a tasting journey starting with sweet and fruity and ending with dark chocolate on cooling. Its balance and cleanliness mean that one aspect is never too overpowering.