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Country:                Panama

Region:                  Volcán, Chiriquí

Producer:              Carlos Aguilera

Arabica Variety:   Caturra

Altitude:                1700 masl

Process:                 Washed

Tasting notes:       caramel –  citrus fruit – red apple

Suggested for:      Espresso & Filter


250 gr


Carlos Aguilera is the third-generation owner of the single estate and mill set up by his grandparents in 1960.

Each day during the harvest, the ripe, bright red coffee cherries are transported from the field to the mill to be processed as quickly as possible. Advanced, low water usage machinery washes away the skin, pulp, and mucilage from the parchment bean.

The residues from the milling process are recycled into the farm as organic fertilizer instead of releasing them into the environment. The parchment beans are pre-dried in the natural sunlight and breezes on concrete patios whereas the natural beans are laid out on African beds. Mechanical driers, fuelled by coffee parchment, are then used to complete the drying process.

Beans are cupped lot by lot in order to determine any errors or defects from the field, harvest, or drying and milling processes.