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Country:                Panama

Region:                  Santa Clara, Volcàn

Producer:              Finca Hartmann

Arabica Variety:   Geisha

Altitude:                1500 masl

Process:                 Natural experimental anaerobic

Tasting notes:       Papaya – lemon tea – cascara

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The Hartmanns are one of the pioneers in Panama in experimenting with new processing techniques as well as with new varietals. In the last two years, they have been leading the way with anaerobic processing of coffees.

There are several factors in the anaerobic processing they are experimenting with: type of vessel used for fermentation, temperature, length of fermentation, fermentation with or without water added, etc.

Contrary to what one might think that “controlled fermentation” is already possible, at this stage the parameters can be controlled, however not the outcome, resulting in always new and astonishing flavour profiles achieved through the experimental process.