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Gallardo – Panama


Tasting notes:

 jasmine – blood orange – rose water

Suggested for Filter


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Country:                Panama

Region:                  Jurutungo,Chiriqui

Producer:              Josè Manuel Gallardo

Arabica variety:   geisha

Altitude:                1900 masl

Process:                 washed

Tasting notes:       jasmine – blood orange – rose water

Suggested for:      filter

Brewing Method :  Kalita
Temperature :  91°C
Total extraction time : 2:20 – 2:30
Ratio:  68 g/l

This amazing and flavourful geisha is a mix of washed coffee lots from March.

These selected lots grow at an average altitude of 1900 masl. After picking, ripe cherries are floated to eliminate low density cherries, then pulp is taken off mechanically, then grains with the mucilage are put in wooden boxes for fermentation without added water, under shade at 16 Celsius average environmental temperature for approximately 40 hours. Finally, beans are washed to take out the mucilage.

Josè Gallardo works its coffee with care and all the process are controlled. After the first phases, drying process occurs: beans are laid on African beds (with translucid roofs to prevent rewetting caused by bajareque rain) for 2 weeks, and then drying continues for 6 weeks in racks in a controlled environment room at 26 Celsius and 45% relative humidity. After checking of humidity level still present in coffee grains, coffee is set to rest in sealed bags at 26 Celsius until the big day comes, when the coffee is sent to our roaster.

The roasting process is done to enhance all the characteristics of these beans: the aromatic richness clearly lets the jasmine aroma emerge, enriched and completed by hints of blood orange and delicate rose water.

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