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Hartmann Washed – Panama

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Country:                Panama

Region:                  Santa Clara, Volcàn

Producer:              Finca Hartmann

Arabica Variety:   Geisha

Altitude:                1400 masl

Process:                 Fully washed

Tasting notes:       Papaya – cherry – jasmine

Suggested for:      Filter

100 gr

Definitely the champion of Panama coffee varietals – with the most complex and intense flavour profile of them all. The Geisha variety was first discovered in Abyssinia in southwest Ethiopia in 1931 and was first brought to Panama from Costa Rica in 1963. It is still an extremely rare variety, but more and more farmers are starting to grow it.

It only performs well at high altitude, and therefore it seems to have found its home in Panama, where to date the best Geisha comes from. It shows saturated sweetness, superior cleanliness and sparkling flavour that may range from berry to citrus to mango, papaya and peach.