Inmaculada – Colombia


Tasting notes:

jasmine – black cherry – medlar

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Country:                Colombia

Region:                  Pichindè

Producer:              Holguin Ramos family

Arabica variety:   Geisha

Altitude:                1750 masl

Process:                 natural

Tasting notes:      jasmine – black cherry – medlar

Suggested for:      Filter

Brewing Method :  V60
Temperature : 91 °C
Total extraction time : 2:20 – 2:30
Ratio:  64 g/l

In 2010, the Holguin family, after more than 80 years of experience in the agriculture field cultivating sugar cane and palm oil tree, have decided to embark in a coffee journey.

Plants are grown in the middle of the Andes mountains, next to a small town called Pichinde: here the family has decided to utilize an intact forest. The natural conditions of this location are absolutely favourable to grow coffee.

These 50 hectares area is divided into four different farms located in the same region but in different areas thus having different climate conditions. Those farms are El Jardin, Las Nubes, Monserrat and Inmaculada Concepcion: in this last farm are planted some of the rarest and most special coffees, among which our geisha Inmaculada.

This variety is known to be the most exclusive coffee at international levels, thanks to coffee producers able to enhance this variety from the others.

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