Juquila – Mexico


Tasting notes:

apricot – sugar cane – green apple

Suggested for espresso and moka


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Sierra Norte, Oaxaca

Zapotec community

Arabica variety
Typica, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

1400 – 1600 masl


Tasting notes

apricot – sugar cane – green apple

Suggested for
espresso and moka

San Juan Juquila Vijanos is an indigenous community (zapotecos) whose skills include agriculture and textile weaving. The main crops are coffee, sugar cane, and corn. Because of their remoteness from urban areas, they have developed a strong food security system and you can be sure to eat delicious organic products.

Producers of Juquila own on average 1 hectare of land, planted with traditional typica & bourbon varietals. Coffee is shade-grown and organic. Producers all fabricate their own organic fertilizers using corn, microorganisms found in the virgin forests of the highest part of the mountain, and molasses.
Low productivity is Oaxaca’s main issue, where coffee trees often are 40+ years old and produce very few fruits. Juquila producers are making their own nursery with seeds from their best trees, keeping the traditional varietals with high cup potential alive.

Most producers of Juquila are women, because men have widely emigrated to the US or Mexican cities for
work. Their resilience and hard work are other reasons why we love Juquila and we are happy to support them.

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