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Kirindera – Congo



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Country:                Congo

Region:                  Mususa, Butembo, North Kivu

Producer:              Coopade

Arabica variety:   Blue Mountain, Katwai, Rumangabo

Altitude:                1900 masl

Process:                 fully washed

Tasting notes:       lime – tomato – linden honey

Suggested for:      Espresso


Congo’s traditional arabica bourbon varieties are grown in the eastern highlands bordering Lake Tanganyika, Lake Kivu and Lake Edward: above all, the Kivu area is home to coffees with stunning cup profile.

The aim of the Virunga National Park coffee programme is to enable farmers to realise the full potential of their coffees. The farmers are organised at the village level, around smallscale coffee washing stations and are affiliated to two vibrant young cooperatives, among which the Coopade. The project is aimed at implementing a sustainable farming model, including crop diversification as well as training on good agricultural practices and the establishment of nurseries for coffee. There is also a strong emphasis on increasing

the quantity and quality of the fully washed Arabica produced by the cooperatives.

In July 2016, Coopade create a Women’s Section with the objective of offering women the opportunity to cultivate, develop and control the production of coffee, through the entire production process. In order to improve both coffee yields and coffee quality – and so to secure better livelihoods for their families- these women have built a total of seven of the fifteen Coopade washing stations to date, of which Kirindera was one of the first.

For the first time, in 2020, some of Coopade’s coffee produced by women has been kept separate from the rest of the cooperative’s production and marketed with its own identity.

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