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Maracuya – Colombia


Tasting notes:
ananas – black cherry – carob

Suggested for Filter


We roast on demand every Monday and Wednesday and ship the following day. All orders must be placed before midnight (UTC+1) of the day before the roasting day.

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Country:                Colombia

Region:                  Tolima

Producer:              Bahamon, Bejarano, Jaramil

Arabica variety:   Colombia

Altitude:                1700 – 1875 masl

Process:                natural    

Tasting notes:       ananas – black cherry – carob

Suggested for:      Filter


This organic coffee produced at ASOPEP association is cultivated and processed with passion, to give an exceptional aromatic product. The production is located in Tolima, in west-central Colombia, a region completely inscribed by the Andean mountains and the Magdalena river basin, making it rather remote and challenging to access.

The cherry selection work is daily: after picking, cherries are placed on concrete tanks and left in water overnight (12hrs), then the water is removed, and the cherries remain in the tank for other 24hr. Then they are move to the drying patio.

Processing time and conditions have an important impact on the final product; dried by indirect sunlight, the coffee is placed on a patio covered by a roof, to protect it from rain and strong sun. Moreover, the coffee has to be moved to avoid defects and fungi. Depending on the weather conditions, this process can take between 9 and 18 days. The key point is to avoid as much as possible humidity gain during the night.


The aromas of this coffee strike at the first taste, the variety of scents that invade the palate is truly incredible.

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