Tasting notes:

nuts – raspberry – dark chocolate

Suggested for espresso/moka

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Modœtia is the first roman name of Monza (the city where Paolo lives and was born). This is the blend made for the Italian market: less acidity, full-body, nutty, with chocolate taste.

Paolo chose the old name of Monza because he wanted to mix the high technology and way of roasting, with the tradition!

The name Modœtia was born during the Italy Kingdom, VI century.

The Queen Teodolinda was sleeping along the Lambro river, during a king’s hunting campaign.

She dreamed a dove, which told her to dedicate that place to her Lord (MODO). Teodolinda answered: ETIAM (gratification to God’s will).

Merging MODO and ETIAM the name Modœtia was created.

Latin language: “Est Sedes Italiæ Regni Modœtia Magni” (Monza’s capital of the gorgeous Italian Kingdom).

And that’s the story of our Modœtia!

Every Modœtia label has a subtitle: “as Damy likes!” Damy is an abbreviation of Damiana, Paolo’s mother. He, therefore, wanted to dedicate this blend to her, that is reflecting a classic Italian palate.



Brazil, mundo novo & catuai, natural

India Plantation, kent, washed

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, heirloom, washed


Tasting notes: nuts – raspberry – dark chocolate

Suggested for: espresso/moka


Brewing recipe:

  • Water Temperature: 92,5° C
  • Ground coffee: 16 g (double shot)
  • Ratio 1: 2,5
  • Total brew time: 25-30 seconds

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Roasted Whole Beans 250 gr, Roasted Ground for Espresso 250gr, Roasted Ground for Moka (caffettiera) 250gr, Roasted Whole Beans 1 Kg