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Country:                Panama

Region:                  Chiriquì

Producer:              Finca Hartmann

Arabica Variety:   Pacamara

Altitude:                1400 – 2000 masl

Process:                 Natural

Tasting notes:       Gooseberry – cranberry – sherry

Suggested for:      Espresso & Filter



From the beginning, since my parents started with this farm, they have worked the land with a lot of love and respect. We are following in their footsteps, we love this farm, we love what we do, despite the difficulties one might face in the market, and we intend to pass this passion on to our children.” Aliss Hartmann


Finca Hartmann consists of several smaller lots, all located between 1.300 and 2.000 masl above sea level with nearly 100has of forest reserves bordering on the Parque Nacional de La Amistad.

Depending on the weather conditions, beans are dried outside between 12 and 17 days down to 14.% humidity which is when they go into mechanical driers, where they are finished drying down to 11%-11.5%. In the mechanical driers, they try to create the same conditions as outside, meaning they dry them slowly, without too much heat, and a  lot of airflows, which is much more important than heat when drying the beans properly and to the core. Sometimes they even switch the driers off at night to let the beans rest.