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Riva de Coca – Brazil



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Country:                Brazil

Region:               Mantiqueira de Minas

Producer:              Cocarive cooperative

Arabica Variety:   Yellow Catuai

Altitude:                1200 masl

Process:                 pulped natural

Tasting notes:       hazelnut – plum – fuji apple

Suggested for:      espresso and filter

250 gr

Located in the southern part of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas is a

micro-region renowned for consistently producing Brazil’s top coffees. Ideal terrain, elevation and weather conditions all contribute to the production of unique coffees. In 2011 the Region obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), thanks to its reputation for producing high-quality coffees and, in June of 2020, Mantiqueira de Minas was officially registered as a Denomination of Origin.

Cocarive was founded in 1961 and its composed of mostly smallholders with 80% of its fazendas smaller than 7 hectares. It is a point of reference in the global specialty coffee community, with its coffees garnering countless quality awards throughout the years.

Coffees are grown between 900 and 1500 masl. The mountainous terroir, with ideal natural conditions and decades of specialty coffee producing practices, have contributed to the production of high-quality coffees. Given the terrain, 95% of the picking is done manually.

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