Roger – Perù


Tasting notes:

cocoa • yellow grapefruit • kumquat

Suggested for espresso


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San Jose de Lourdes

Roger Chilcon

Arabica variety
Caturra & Catimor

1900-2000 masl


Tasting notes

cocoa • yellow grapefruit • kumquat

Suggested for

Roger Chilcon Flores is the owner of 3 hectares of coffee in the El Diamante village of San Jose de Lourdes district. Roger grows both yellow and red caturra and all of the land is above 1900masl. Some of Roger’s family also grow coffee in the area and the family manage the farms together. Whilst each family member owns their own land, Roger manages the picking, processing and drying of the coffee.

Cherries are picked as ripe as possible before being pre-fermented overnight in bags. These macerated cherries are then depulped and fermented for 24 to 36 hours depending on the weather conditions. This extended fermentation and cherry maceration gives the cup a pronounced fruited note which complements the pronounced citric acidity that comes from the high altitude. Roger then dried all his coffee inside a ventilated greenhouse on a plastic lined, wooden patio.

Brewing recipe espresso:

  • Water Temperature: 93° C
  • Ground coffee: 17 g
  • Total brew time: 23-25 seconds

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Roasted Whole Beans 250 gr, Roasted Ground for Espresso 250gr, Roasted Ground for Filter 250gr, Roasted Ground for Moka, Roasted Ground for Moka (caffettiera) 250gr, Roasted Whole Beans 1 Kg, Unroasted Green Beans 1kg