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Country:                Panama

Region:                  La Cordillera, Volcan

Producer:              Mil Cumbres

Arabica Variety:   Geisha

Altitude:                1600 – 1800 masl

Process:                 Washed experimental anaerobic

Tasting notes:       Blood orange – Williams pear – nectarine

Suggested for:      Filter


The Finca name “Mil Cumbres” means a thousand hills. it is an old cattle pasture which was converted into a specialty coffee farm. Mil Cumbres is owned by Mario Fonseca and Arturo Klein and coffee production are managed by Ratibor Hartmann.

It is located in Cordillera, an area near the town of Volcan, in the Province of Chiriqui, on the sides of the Baru volcano. Out of the total surface of 60hectares, 25hectares are used for coffee production. The rest is a native jungle with its rich biodiversity, forming part of the Baru Volcano National Park.

This is one coffee of a series of experimental lots produced by Mil Cumbres this year.

All the experimental lots are Geishas, with different periods of anaerobic fermentation in tanks. The main difference is related to the time the cherries spent in the tank and underwent fermentation. Those times spread from 24 hours to 20 days and produce totally different cup profiles, resulting in always new and surprising flavour.