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Uraga- Ethiopia


Tasting notes:
 lime – sugar cane – black tea

Suggested for espresso



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Country:                Ethiopia

Region:                  Guji, Oromia

Producer:              Uraga washing station

Arabica variety:   heirloom

Altitude:                2250 – 2300 masl

Process:                washed

Tasting notes:       lime – sugar cane – black tea


Suggested for: espresso


Among coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia holds a renowned status not only because it’s the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, but also because it is simply unlike every other place in the coffee world. In Ethiopia, instead, growing, processing, and drinking coffee is part of the everyday way of life.

Uraga is located in the Guji zone, where coffee is grown on very small farms (less than 1/2 hectare each on average) alongside corn, barley, beans, and wheat. Both Washed and Natural coffees are produced at the Uraga washing station. Smallholder farmers deliver cherries by weight and the coffee is sorted and processed into lots.

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