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Country: El Salvador

Region: Ahuachapán Department

Producer: Mauricio Salaverria

Arabica Variety: red bourbon

Altitude: 1300-1600 masl

Processing: honey

Tasting notes: apple – roasted almond – red currant

Suggested for: espresso 

250 gr


Don Manuel Ariz left Galicia, in Spain, more than a century ago. He arrived at Concepción de Ataco, in Ahuachapán, in an area known to its inhabitants as the site of “high springs”. SeñorAriz then had the brilliant idea of investing in small plots of nearby land, starting with 13.5 hectares of an excellent clayey-limestone soil that has today become the Villa Galicia farm.

This 12-hectare farm, which now belongs to Mauricio Salaverria, is located along The Flower Route. Mauricio has invested in an environmentally-friendly mill at the heart of the Villa Galicia plantation and has fully mastered the art of coffee preparation. He puts his great expertise into providing a wide range of coffees, skilfully juggling with the different varieties and processes. He uses innovative coffee processes, is meticulous, and above all always smiles! Mauricio works hard to respect not only the environment but also his workers.

Mauricio is a real micro-lot expert: he selected this lot of Red Bourbon very carefully. This coffee,  which is honey processed then dried on African beds, expresses the great complexity and expertise associated with Mauricio’s preparations.