Tasting notes:

orange • dark chocolate • prune

Suggested for: espresso and moka


The desire to help the people of Ukraine in these terrible days has become compelling for many people. The generosity of many is indeed manifesting itself in many ways we have seen, and His Majesty the Coffee has also decided to promote a concrete initiative.
A new 100% Arabica coffee blend was born out of the realization that we are in an upside-down world.
The Borderless blend was created to support the family of Yehor Polianskyi a colleague but above all a friend.
A roaster in the Ukrainian city of Ternopyl, Yehor had to leave his family, who fled because of the terrible war situation. His wife Maryna and children Yehor jr. and Eve are now in Poland, while Yehor is continuing to work in Ukraine.
Our Easter blend this year must carry a true message of peace: all proceeds from the blend will be sent to Yehor’s family.



Brazil, Yellow Catuai, natural

Dominican Republic, Caturra, washed

Guatemala, bourbon, caturra, catuai, washed


Tasting notes: orange • dark chocolate • prune 

Weight : 16 gr
Temperature : 92°C
Total extraction time : 24-26 sec
Ratio: 1:2,3

Additional information

Weight N/A

Roasted Whole Beans 250 gr, Roasted Ground for Espresso 250gr, Roasted Ground for Moka (caffettiera) 250gr, Roasted Whole Beans 1 Kg