Tasting notes:
dark chocolate – cereals – almond

Use only with Nespresso® machine 

The purchase item is a box containing 10 tubes of capsules. Total 100 capsules Nespresso® machine compatible.

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Our coffee is always the same: 100% Arabica Specialty, Co2 decaf, but with a new way to taste it! The simplicity and convenience of a single capsule serve meet our single origin for the first time!
A small concentrate of aromas for a daily sensory immersion, simple and within everyone’s reach.


Our capsules are 100% recyclable: we care a lot about the environmental impact of our products, please recycle it 🙂



Finca Organica

Arabica variety
Catuai and Catucai

1100 masl

Co2 Decaf

Tasting notes
dark chocolate – cereals – almond

Suggested for
Nespresso® machine


The raw, unroasted coffee is moistened with water and put into a vessel where it is contacted with pressurized, liquid carbon dioxide. By circulation through the coffee, the carbon dioxide draws the caffeine out of the bean. In an evaporator the caffeine precipitates from the CO2 which, after evaporation and re-condensation, is pumped again into the coffee containing vessel for a new cycle. When the required residual caffeine level is reached, the CO2 circulation is cut short and the coffee is discharged into a drier where it is gently dried to about the original moisture content. After that the coffee is ready for roasting.

The specific characteristics of this Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Coffee Decaffeination Process are:

  • The compounds responsible for the flavor and the taste in the roasted coffee/coffee brew as well as the cell structure of the green and roasted bean are practically left intact (especially fine, high grade coffees benefit by this fact).
  • Absolutely no health risk involved since the coffee is contacted only with 100 % safe substances: the chemically inert (and completely evaporating) carbon dioxide and pure water.

The purchase item is a box containing 10 tubes of capsules. Total 100 capsules Nespresso® machine compatible.

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