Dulce Misterio – Colombia


Tasting notes:
pineapple – ginger – bergamot

Suggested for filter

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Neira, Caldas

Dulce Misterio

Arabica variety
Pink Bourbon

1100-1500 masl


Tasting notes
pineapple – ginger – bergamot

Suggested for

Mauricio Duque decided to fulfill his lifelong dream: producing the best Colombian specialty coffee. He wanted to achieve this in a sustainable and clean/natural way – something very conspicuous when observing his processing and crop management.

In 2016 he started to look for a farm that met his needs – especially those regarding soil characteristics and elevation. In 2019 he bought a farm near Neira (Caldas), that surpassed his expectations – hence the name of his business: Dulce Misterio (Sweet Mystery). The complete farm has 13 hectares and is 100% coffee, ranging from 1,850m to 2,040m. He says that particular mountain has very unique soil characteristics, where every single crop has sweeter than usual attributes. To choose the farm he analyzed historical data from different competitions in Caldas, where he wanted to see if there was a specific area where most winners came from. It came down to two mountains, where Neira was his choice since, besides having great soil and altitude, it was just one hour away from his home.

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