Lunito – Colombia (Limited Edition)


Tasting notes:
wild strawberry – rose water – dried plum

Suggested for filter

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Pitalito, Huila

El Diviso Farm

Arabica variety

1850 masl


Tasting notes
wild strawberry – rose water – dried plum

Suggested for


This coffee comes from 24 year old producer Nestor Lasso and the El Diviso farm. 80,000 coffee trees grow here at a range of 1700-1850 metres. Producer Nestor says, “We are the third generation that has been growing coffee. Our grandfather, José Uribe, was the founder of the farm El Diviso. With the work of all the family and constant savings we were able to build the infrastructure to process differentiated coffees; searching for better quality, both in coffee and our lives.

For this natural process coffee, the process starts by picking cherries that are at the optimal ripeness, where they need to be between 24 and 26° Brix. The coffee collected by the pickers is evaluated in order to decide whether it can or cannot be used for this process. The coffee is then stored during 48 hours in jars or until the Ph=4.5. The coffee is floated in order to get rid of void and impure cherries. This first water contact is done with cold/ambient temperature water. Thermal shock: the cherries go through a 50° Celsius thermal shock before being stored in jars where an anaerobic fermentation phase begins. The coffee is then moved to a mechanical drying system in order to dehydrate the cherries as much as possible in a quick way. Last, the coffee is placed in African drying beds for approximately 15 days or until target humidity is reached.

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