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  • The blend of coffee that plants trees in Kenya with the purpose of reducing the co2 generated by man. The desire to contribute to lowering one's environmental impact is a deeply felt issue in this period. Also here, at His Majesty

  • Roasting, as we will tell you, takes place in the same way at all levels, from the small tasting batch to the large production one. It is a complex job, which requires experience and desires to experiment: you work with

  • For us, lingering in a coffee shop, sipping a delicious cup of filter coffee is one of life’s pleasure; for someone else swallowing an espresso at the bar counter is a morning ritual, while there are people who just love

  • Moka pot is one of our favourite brewing methods, its traditional, iconic and it represent a ritual that goes far beyond coffee making.

  • It's hot out there, we all know it, and keeping complaining won't lower the temperature. But we got a fix for it! We tested a recipe for a Cold Brew Coffee ready to drink in less than a minute: just