El Paraiso – Colombia


Tasting notes:

pineapple – canned peach – tropical fruit yoghurt

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Finca El Paraiso – Diego Bermudez

Arabica variety
Pink Bourbon

1930 masl


Tasting notes

pineapple – canned peach – tropical fruit yoghurt

Suggested for

El Paraiso is a farm with 20 ha. The famer is the well known producer Diego Samuel Bermudez. He found in coffee the way to innovate and experiment in new and unique ways. Diego is doing this work with his family for the last 10 years. In 2015, Diego got place number 15 th in the cup of excellence in Colombia, and since then he dedicated all his energy and knowledge to become one of the best well known farmers from Colombia.
The coffee is picked at its optimal maturity moment and then floated to remove the less dense cherries. After, it is placed in sealed containers for the first 42 hr and then the coffee is removed from the sealed containers and washed with cold water to make the thermic shock that enhances flavors. After that the coffee is fermented one more time, this time in the presence of air is for another 72 hours. After that, the coffee is depulped and the mucilage is removed: when the fermentation is at its targeted point, the coffee is dried.

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