Hartmann – Panama


Tasting notes:

cherry – cocoa bean – grape marc

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Santa Clara, Chiriquì

Ratibor Hartmann

Arabica variety


1400-2000 masl


Tasting notes
cherry – raw cocoa bean – grape must

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Brewing Method :  Kalita
Temperature : 88 °C
Total extraction time : 2:50 – 3:10
Ratio: 64 g/l

Finca Hartmann is a family enterprise – each member of the family is passionately involved in the management and performs a different function in the growth, production, quality control, marketing and tourism offer of the farm. Coffee for them is a way of life, their culture, their family – a lot of work, but also a lot of love. Their harvest employees return every year, as do their buyers, because they like their vision: work together with nature, work the land without destroying it.
The finca consists of several smaller farms/lots, all located between 1.300 and 2.000 mts above sea level with nearly 100has of forest reserves bordering on the Parque Nacional de La Amistad. The coffee is grown under the shade of native rainforest trees that have been there for many years. The Hartmanns try not to cut trees, they replant native trees and plantains to maintain the natural cycle and a healthy soil and fauna / all with the aim in mind to sustain a long-term quality coffee production cycle.

The natural process is started on African raised beds, after picking at the ripest stage. The Hartmanns are very careful that not one drop of water touches the cherries between harvesting and them going on the beds, since water would losen the mucilage from the skin and the beans and then the sugars would not be transferred as well into the beans, as if they are kept dry. Depending on the weather conditions they are dried outside between 12 and 17 days and then they go into mechanical driers, where they are finished drying down to 11%-11.5%. In the mechanical driers they try to create the same conditions as outside, meaning they dry them slow, without too much heat, and a lot of air flow. Sometimes they even switch the driers off at night to let the beans rest.

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