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BAHIA – Brazil (Decaf)



We roast on demand every Monday and Wednesday and ship the following day. All orders must be placed before midnight (UTC+1) of the day before the roasting day.


Country: Brazil

Region: Bahia

Arabica Variety: Catuai, Catucai

Altitude: 1100 masl

Processing: Co2 Decaf

Tasting notes: dark chocolate – cereals – almond

Suggested for: espresso

250 gr

This process is called CO2 Method, or Liquid Carbon Dioxide Method, and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide method but it is technically known as supercritical fluid extraction. In basic terms – the supercritical CO2 acts selectively on the caffeine, releasing the alkaloid and nothing else. The CO2 acts as the solvent to dissolve and draw the caffeine from the coffee beans, leaving the larger-molecule flavour components behind.

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Roasted Ground for Espresso 250gr, Roasted Ground for Moka (caffettiera) 250gr, Roasted Whole Beans 1 Kg, Roasted Whole Beans 250 gr, Unroasted Green Beans 1kg