El Bambanero – Guatemala


Tasting notes:
bergamot – apricot – green apple

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La Libertad

Vides Family

Arabica variety
Caturra & Bourbon

1600 masl

anaerobic washed

Tasting notes
bergamot – apricot – green apple

Suggested for

In the enchanting landscapes of La Libertad, nestled within Huehuetenango, Guatemala, the Vides Family curates an extraordinary coffee experience at El Puente farm. The lot known as “El Puente Anaerobic” is a testament to their dedication to excellence and innovation in coffee cultivation. El Puente, spanning 6 hectares, stands as a testament to the family’s unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional coffee. At an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level, this haven is embraced by the Gravilea and Inga Shade, fostering an environment conducive to producing remarkable coffee cherries.

The process begins with manual selective picking, ensuring that only the ripest cherries are chosen, setting the foundation for the extraordinary flavours that will soon emerge. The subsequent processing journey is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Once picked, the coffee cherries are gently placed in bags for 24-36 hours, after which they undergo a delicate depulping and fermentation process, followed by thorough washing after approximately 24 hours. The coffee beans are then spread across the patio, allowing nature to work its magic for a precise period of 15 days. Only when the beans have reached the optimal humidity level are they carefully stored in the farm’s warehouses, preserving their exceptional quality.

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