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Hambela fil – Ethiopia


Tasting notes:

tea – peach – elderflower

Suggested for filter


The roastery will be closed from Aug. 04th to Aug. 23rd / La torrefazione resterà chiusa dal 04 al 23 Agosto.   I VOSTRI ORDINI VERRANNO TOSTATI IL 24 AGOSTO E SPEDITI IL 25 AGOSTO / YOUR ORDERS WILL BE ROASTED ON 24th AUGUST AND SHIPPED ON 25th AUGUST
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Hambella farm

Arabica variety

2100-2300 masl


Tasting notes

tea – peach – elderflower

Suggested for

This honey-processed lot gets its name from Hambela Wamena, one of the woredas in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia. It is made up of coffee from 90-130 growers whose farms, of typically 3-5ha, are situated on loamy to clay soil at 2,100-2,300masl. The coffee is grown under semi-shade alongside other cash crops such as enset (false banana), barley, maize, beans and peas.

Only the fully ripe red cherries are selected at delivery to the washing station before being processed. Honey process was selected because the coffee of this area has a unique taste profile which is enhanced by this method. After processing, the residues are converted into fertiliser which is distributed back to the growers to improve the soil condition.

Mekdes Bogale, the owner of the washing station, has implemented various social projects such as road construction and providing much-needed credit services to the growers ahead of harvest. There are also plans to improve the site – expanding operations as well as experimenting with and implementing different processing techniques.

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