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Mahiga – Kenya


Tasting notes:
tomato – chinotto – golden syrup

Suggested for filter


We roast on demand every Monday and Wednesday and ship the following day. All orders must be placed before midnight (UTC+1) of the day before the roasting day.

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Mahiga farm

Arabica variety
SL-28, SL-34

1700 – 1900 masl


Tasting notes
tomato – chinotto – golden syrup

Suggested for


Mt. Kenya, at the helm of Kenya’s Central Province, is the second tallest peak on the continent of Africa and a commanding natural presence; Nyeri is one of the most well-known of the central counties next to Mt. Kenya. The Mahiga Factory is located in this area and has 400 members actively harvesting and delivering to the processing center.

Kenya, in general, is known for some of the most meticulous at-scale processing that can be found anywhere in the world. Bright white parchment, nearly perfectly sorted by density and bulk conditioned at high elevations is the norm, and a matter of pride.

Ample water supply in the central growing regions has historically allowed factories to wash and soak their coffees entirely with fresh, cold river water.

The established milling and sorting by grade, or bean size, is a longstanding tradition and positions Kenya coffees well for roasters, by tightly controlling the physical preparation and creating a diversity of profiles from a single processing batch.

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