The blend of coffee that plants trees in Kenya with the purpose of reducing the co2 generated by man. The desire to contribute to lowering one's environmental impact is a deeply felt issue in this period. Also here, at His Majesty the Coffee, attention to the environment is a priority: the coffee supply chain inevitably has a great effect on our ecosystem and for this reason "For The Planet" was born, a blend

Roasting, as we will tell you, takes place in the same way at all levels, from the small tasting batch to the large production one. It is a complex job, which requires experience and desires to experiment: you work with a natural and variable product. It is important, therefore, to know that each new coffee will require a study of what is the best way to roast it to enhance all its

For us, lingering in a coffee shop, sipping a delicious cup of filter coffee is one of life’s pleasure; for someone else swallowing an espresso at the bar counter is a morning ritual, while there are people who just love the relaxing smell of a Moka pot coffee that pervades the house. However you love to taste coffee, this product never ceases to amaze. But perhaps not everyone knows what it is and

It's hot out there, we all know it, and keeping complaining won't lower the temperature. But we got a fix for it! We tested a recipe for a Cold Brew Coffee ready to drink in less than a minute: just a few minutes of preparation and a long wait of 12 hour to enjoy one of our favourite drink for the summer, directly from he freezer to the cup.